Discovery Toys - Kerri Mason

Need to grow your collection of educational tools to have on hand?  Join my Discovery Toys team and pay for your entire Christmas!  Or earn on average $100 in free toys by hosting a Discovery Toys Product Show this fall.  Contact me, Kerri Mason by email at or phone at 281-615-5024.  Just want to order from Discovery Toys?  Check out my website.  Shop in September and receive FREE shipping with all orders of $50 or more - contact Kerri directly and mention this special offer.  Enjoy parenting tips?  Follow me on Facebook.

Business Review

Your representative, Kerri Mason, has been with the company for 9 years and will gladly help you pick the right tools for the next steps in learning for the children in your life.  Kerri can also help you start a new and exciting career with Discovery Toys.